Friday, January 22, 2016

Comfort Quilts...

The Harlan Valley Quilters gathered together

to create a special comfort quilt 

for one of our neighbors.

Many hands make light work...

Here we are....all cozy tying

Every one of us has a special fondness for tying

Tying brings us close together...

away from the hum of the sewing machines...

nothing but scissors and thread and needles...

we usually converse about 

the recipient of the comfort quilt...

Luckily, our younger members...

 can reach to the center of the quilt!

We discuss future comfort quilt projects...

and we bond together in a circle of care

 for our community.

Kathi sews on the binding.

The label is sewn on the back.

Quilt Front.....107 inches square

Close Up View.....Disappearing 9 patch pattern

Back Art....we used whatever we had to create the backing.

Created by the hands and hearts of

the Harlan Valley Quilters

May this quilt bring you comfort and peace


Everything is Better when it is Quilted,

The Harlan Valley Quilters
Harlan, Oregon

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