Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Circle Quilts.....in progress

These circle quilts are also known as...

Pumpkin Seed


Orange Peel

Four of the Harlan Quilters have caught circle fever

and every Monday we make more circles!

We are beginning to seam the circles together

to create smaller units which will eventually be

stitched together into the entire quilt top.

 4 patch stitched together...

The acrylic template has all of the measurements 

you need for marking the circles for stitch lines, etc.

the next step is to stitch down all the curved seed shapes.

When this quilt top is done the entire quilt is done...

no binding and all of the quilting is done!

More to Come...

Everything is Better when it is Quilted,

The Harlan Valley Quilters


  1. As soon as I can I want to order the template for these! I think the quilt is going to be great!

  2. My Magic Circle Template is on it's way from Missouri Star Quilt Company! I am so excited!!!

  3. I was disappointed because the post office had sent an email to let me know the template had been delivered, when I went to the mail box, there was nothing there! :( I talked to the clerks and they told me it must have been stolen! Fast forward a few weeks, I got a pink notice that there was a parcel at the post office. I couldn't imagine what it was, because I wasn't expecting anything. I didn't reorder the template until I could get a locking mailbox up. Well, the mail delivery person had made a mistake and the parcel at the post office was the template! Now I just have to decide which fabrics to make my quilt of many circles from!!!