Monday, January 4, 2010

Comfort Quilt Day.......Circle Quilts

The first Monday of each month we make Comfort Quilts for the Harlan Valley Community.

Today we made circles...

This circle quilt is a great way to use up the solid fabrics that have been donated to our quilting group

Easy Circle Cut Acrylic Ruler and Rotary Cutter

Freezer Paper Circle Templates
Fold a piece of freezer paper in half
Place the ruler on top and cut a perfect circle in seconds

This is the ONLY way to cut circles!

Unfold the freezer paper and you have a perfect circle template

To make sturdy templates, we ironed together 2 layers of paper.
A 4 inch circle requires a 5 inch fabric circle.
Each template was marked with the fabric cutting measurements.

Templates and fabrics cut and ready to iron...

With the freezer paper (shiny side up) on the fabric, you press the seam allowance over the edge. The fabric will stick to the waxy coating on the freezer Paper.
This gives you a smooth turned edge on your circles.

When the fabric circles have cooled, peel off the freezer paper.
The circles piled up quickly...

The leftover fabrics were cut into squares and rectangles and pieced into 12 inch block units.

Kathi piecing 12 inch block units.

The circles were appliqued onto these block units.
(sorry I forgot to take a photo)

To temporarily hold the circle in place, apply a glue stick to the back seam, then press it onto the block unit. It will keep it in place until you stitch it down.

See you next month on Comfort Quilt Day!

Our Comfort Quilts and Raffle Quilts are created with donated Fabrics, Battings and Threads.
If you would like to donate cotton fabrics or other materials to this worthy cause, please contact LuAnn Kessi

Everything is Better when it is Quilted,
The Harlan Valley Quilters


  1. That is a W-A-Y cute quilt! Good work, everyone!

  2. Wonderful tutorial! I've always done circles with the starch method. Can't wait to give this a try.

  3. This is lovely, I still haven't tried applique yet but this is inspiring me to get on with it and give it try.
    It has a great balance between colour, rectangles and circles.

  4. Great quilt, and I had a giggle at the pic of Kathy piecing the 12" blocks....she holds her mouth the same way I do!