Thursday, May 12, 2016

Quilting with Ralph...

We are all trying to finish up our projects

before we break for the summer...

Betty is working on a raw edge heart quilt

Linda is piecing her pancake quilt

Kathi is machine quilting her star quilt

Lani is nearly done with her pancake quilt

Kathi's star blocks were won at a quilt retreat in 2007

Instead of making a fabric wrapped 

basket, I am making a rug!

Fabric strips wrapped around 

3/16 cotton clothesline rope

The rug finished at 39 inches diameter

Ralph is very interested in 

free motion quilting...

He likes to get up close and personal 

with the sewing machine

Quilting tires him out and 

he needs to take a nap

When he get sleepy he doesn't have far to

 go to cuddle up with a quilt

Ralph is the official Quilt Palace Kitty

He loves to quilt on Mondays!

CLICK the video below to watch Ralph quilt:

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Everything is Better when it is Quilted,

The Harlan Valley Quilters


  1. What happens to Ralph when no one is at the quilt palace?

  2. Thanks so much for your concern for Ralph, very sweet of you. Ralph is cared for every morning bright and early while other chores are being done here on the farm. Monday is the only day the quilters use the Palace....Ralph is eagerly waiting by the door to get in when we get there. 3 times each year we have a week long quilt retreat at the Palace and Ralph loves joining us every day for the whole week!
    My Best To You,

  3. i love the fabric wrapped rug..... i wonder if they can be made rectangular - with rounded corners of course ...
    Ralph is a GREAT BIG help..... i notice that he was softening up the fabric, so it would be easier to maneuver around.... what a guy!!!

  4. Hihi... I love your cats :D And the Rug!! very nice colours!

  5. Ralph is very helpful to you! Kviltessam need to rest a moment, so that the hands are not tired of stitches !! Young Ralph, he understands what makes !! He loves all of you !!!