Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Quilt Retreat.....2016

We spent the entire week at the

Quilt Palace...

The Fabric Fairy left gift bags for 

everyone at the Spring Quilt Retreat!

Joanie and Larissa are working on 

their 9 patch quilt

Kathi is finishing her pancake quilt

Kathi is also hand stitching 


on her fish stamped art quilts:

Ralph the Retreat Kitty 

is with us this week

Lita is working on baby quilts:

 Kathi finished her pancake quilt:

I have 5 more rows to add 

to my pancake quilt

Kathi is now piecing a star quilt:

She is auditioning her blocks as a 

straight set or an on point setting

I have 7 of 12 rows done 

on my pancake quilt

Ralph tends to slow production down a bit

Linda is piecing her first 2 rows 

on her pancake quilt

Kathi is setting her star blocks....on point

Yes, it was 94 degrees this week!

Lita is piecing another baby quilt

Linda has 3 rows pieced 

on her pancake quilt

Back of Linda's quilt

Ralph likes Kathi's on-point setting

My pancake quilt is.....DONE!

120 pancakes

Gunnr tests out my quilt 

to see if it works...

Kathi has the borders on her star quilt

We had a great quilt retreat this week!

I think Gunnr approves of the quilt.

Everything is Better when it is Quilted,

The Harlan Valley Quilters

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