Monday, May 14, 2012

Big Bloomers......Raffle Quilt - Day 2

Big Bloomers.....Day 2

We are auditioning borders today:

Audition 1.....Green with Dots

Audition 2......Bright Flowers (right side)

Audition 3.....Funky Pieced Border (left side)

Benny likes the funky pieced strip border...
so, that's what we are going with!

Kathi & Abril measure border strips...

Pinning borders to the quilt stop

Quilt Backing:

Barbara & Kathi designing the Back of the Quilt

4:00.....time to go home

We will wrap things up next week...

So, tune in next Monday!

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Everything is Better when it is Quilted,
The Harlan Valley Quilters

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