Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Home for Harlan Valley Quilters...

Meet our newest HVQ Member:


She is a brand new Quilter !

Just today she completed her first Quillow !

Welcome Abril...
You are an enthusiastic addition to our quilt group.

Kathi is practicing free motion feather quilting...

She is following along with the
Patsy Thompson Designs DVDs

By the end of the day
Kathi is a feather wizard !

This is the new home of HVQ:

The Harlan Valley Grange has been remodeled and is now
The Harlan Valley Community Hall

This is our third week meeting here...
and we are enjoying so much work space.

This is our most recent comfort quilt:

We plan to present it to a special person in our community.
We will tell you more in February.

The Harlan Valley Quilters are off to a very Quilty start
in 2012

Our Snow this week had limbs snapping off the trees...
and falling on the power line to the
Harlan Community Hall.

We were concerned that we would be without power to run our sewing machines, lights, etc.......that just wouldn't do!

Consumer the RESCUE !

The repair men showed up quickly and repaired the downed line.

Many Thanks.....Consumer Power
You guys are terrific !

CLICK HERE to view: Circle Quilts

CLICK HERE to view: Challenge Quilts

CLICK HERE to view: Raffle Quilts

Our Comfort Quilts and Raffle Quilts are created with donated Fabrics, Battings and Threads.
If you would like to donate cotton fabrics or other materials to this worthy cause, please contact LuAnn Kessi

Everything is Better when it is Quilted,
The Harlan Valley Quilters

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  1. Love everything..Makes me so very homesick
    thanks, love to everyone--D